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In-App Messaging & Operations
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AIHelp Features

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Messages can be delivered to your users while they are directly active in your mobile app. It appears in the app in a non-intrusive way, sending personalized, targeted reminders, push notification or directing users to specific behaviors. These messages improve the user experience and increase user engagement and retention as they remind users to continue using the app and provide more value and enjoyment.


AIHelp provides a professional Help Center that enables you to get most out of your In-App Activates, Announcements, News, In-game Strategies, Guide and more. We make it easier for your operation team to get higher engagement rate for their operation campaigns or/and activates.

Help Center is emerging technology management activities that is formed to address a new set of performance management in your App being driven by virtualization and the Cloud to increase application diversity, and the agile development of custom applications.

This feature designed to manage the engagement of the entire application ecology and to closely monitor the performance of end-to-end in-app engagement within the operational environment.

in app operation
in app smart auto check form


AIHelp not only providing a customizable Form but also an intelligence Form that can instantly check the user issue and get feedback immediately with no even one step from human support team.

The AIHelp cloud-based backend takes care of all checking steps, let us assume that user X lost his account and try to contact customer support team to solve this problem, the agents in your team may need more than 30 minutes to check review and ask users to provide some info about his/her account to come up with result that may not get user’s satisfaction. But with Auto-Check Form Feature, users enable to check their issues by themselves and get result instantly due to automatic process.


Improve customer relationships by providing them immediately response with our built-in chatbots that can seamlessly transition to team support when needed.

It's automating users requests into our machine learning for powerful cloud-based analytics for better understanding the users requests and learn from CS agent's feedback and the support rate that provided by customer / users.

in app ai chat bot
in app live chat


Open a live channel for your VIP customers and show them more care to keep them longer in your App and get better rankings, retention, revenue and customer lead. The Live Chat contains smart view and operation that enable you to be engaged with your priceless VIP customers.


Push notifications help publishers send real-time information to users who are away from the app. Pop-up messages on mobile devices can be set up at any time; even users don't need to be on the app to receive the in-app notification messages you designed.

in app push notification
in app alert


It’s so seamlessly integrated in-app acceleration, the experience feels magical, It allows you to get instantly alert when there is any issue in Server, Payment, Account, etc. The system will alert you by sending a full report about the issue to the representative person.

Collaborative, Simple and Efficient
Agent Workflows

AIHelp Dashboard

AIHelp dashboard is a portal designed to help you track, manage, setup and response your customers service that is formed to address a high-performance management in your App.

  • Assign tasks

    All new tickets will be automatically classified, such as: account, recharge, advice, etc. Each Agent can assign a few issues to themselves from their own issue category. Do not need other people to manually assign. (Of course, manual assignment is also supported)

  • Follow up

    When the Agent handles issues, they can put different tags on the problem, while Agent can add detail notes to the problem, indicating the current progress of the issue, in order to facilitate the next follow-up.

  • FAQs

    In the process of solving user issues, Agents can easily turn the repetitive problems into FAQs, and enrich the robot's knowledge base. If users consult these questions again, they can check the FAQs or ask the robot directly for help.

in app aihelp dashboard

AIHelp Insight

Focuses on providing information on various aspects of the users data, and tries to bring the best practice data analysis to help you manage conversations with leads and customers at scale. AIHelp Insight makes a conscious effort to draw stockholder’s attention toward key massive data issues that can drive the future of your business and of the entire App habitat into different aspects.

  • Translation

    Over 40 languages supported by AIHelp. We made it easy for support team to understand users issue by clicking Translate to get the issues translated into the customer agent language and vice versa. AIHelp created this feature in order to help customer support team engage with users till the native human support get back to help users with their issues.

  • AI Assistant

    It can assist customer service in recognizing user emotions, handling user questions in a quick and humanized way, and optimizing the content of the Knowledge Base to enhance the efficiency and quality of customer service work.

in app aihelp insight

Multi Channel Integration


We keen to make it easy for your support team to manage multiple social channels from one centralized view.

No matter where the user’s feedback come from, Google Review, Facebook Messenger, Web, Mail, WeChat, Twitter, VKontakte, Store Reviews etc. You can engage with them by only one platform – AIHelp.

in app facebook

in app user ranking and review

User Ranking and Review

The provided feature designed to prompt users to review your app; this functionality allows users to provide an App Store / Google Play rating and review without the inconvenience of leaving your app. In addition, review and response user review from AIHelp Backend platform.

Inevitably, its important to response user review as fast as you can, by doing this, you are showing credibility and also that you care about your user’s opinion.

Machine Learning

AIHelp platform built using Machine Learning for powerful cloud-based analytics to make it easy for developers to make smarter decisions, solve customer issues instantly and make sense of massive amounts of data.

Both of Mobile and Web versions are AI Mobile/Web support using Machine Learning for powerful cloud-based analytics include many built-in packages such as In-App Messaging, AI Chat Bots, In-App operation, Push Notification, Smart Auto-Form and more.

in app machine learning